Relaxing package: True RELAX Lavender Stone Massage with Reflexology

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60 min

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Laava stone massage is the manipulation of the bioactive points and reflex zones of the yin and yang meridian system in traditional Chinese medicine using pieces of lava stone, which have a high heat capacity due to their high iron content. This technique has been used for thousands of years in the East. The primary focus of lava stone massage is to balance internal energy. The massage nourishes life energy both physically and mentally. The heated lava stones are placed on the body. As they come into contact with the skin, they begin to emit warmth and energy inherited from the sun, reducing muscle tension, dilating blood vessels, regulating the digestive, metabolic, and hormonal systems. The heat also opens energy channels and releases energy blocks, leading to an increase in overall tone and energy balance of the body. Reflexology or zone therapy is a relaxation therapy based on the discovery that the body reflects information about the status of its organs onto specific zones on the soles of the feet. This therapy is becoming increasingly popular and is based on the understanding that all parts of the body are connected through channels through which energy flows.

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