Deeply warming hot stone massage with hemp oil.



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Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing, ancient Chinese procedure that uses heated lava stones and special oil blends. During the procedure, preheated lava stones are placed on energy points of the body and left there for a few minutes. The primary focus of the hot stone massage is to balance the internal energy. The stone massage nourishes life forces both physically and mentally. The preheated lava stones are placed on the body and upon contact with the skin, they transmit warmth and solar energy, which reduces muscle tension, dilates blood vessels, and regulates digestive, metabolic, and hormonal systems. The warmth also opens energetic channels and releases energetic blocks, which increases the tonus of the whole body and balances energy. The use of cannabis oil in the massage promotes relaxation of the whole body. Cannabis is one of the oldest plants grown for centuries to obtain seeds rich in fiber and oil. The external use of cannabis has rejuvenating effects. Thanks to the vitamins and oils contained in hemp seeds, it is well suited for moisturizing the skin and is a very strong natural fat burner due to its quantity.

• 1 hour of relaxing hot stone massage with hemp oil.


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