Cellulite massage combined with a warming seaweed gel wrap.



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The offer includes a cellulite massage and FITNESS WRAP with a warming seaweed gel wrap. The treatment stimulates metabolism and helps reduce body circumference and eliminate toxins from the body. Marine ingredients stimulate skin metabolism, eliminate excess fluids from tissues, and burn fat cells. The treatment begins with a gentle massage, followed by stimulation of the body’s energy points using natural sponges and seaweed. The warming and slimming body wrap restores skin elasticity and promotes skin cell renewal. The cellulite massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, reduces water retention, prevents the formation of cellulite, soothes skin irritation and redness, and smooths, tones, and softens the skin.

The treatment also includes wrapping the problematic area with seaweed, and a relaxing massage of the hands, décolleté, and neck during the wrapping process.


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