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Dr Fish OÜ, located in the center of Tallinn, provides healing fish therapy. Garra Rufa fish do not have teeth, but instead use warm water and a specific enzyme to peel off dead skin cells, leaving the healthy skin untouched. The unique enzyme-containing saliva of the fish has anti-inflammatory properties, alleviates pain, and disinfects. A group of 500-900 fish completely cleanses the skin – removing dead skin cells, massaging, opening pores, improving circulation, and boosting the overall tone of the body, resulting in soft and silky skin. The therapy also helps alleviate psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, children’s allergic eczema, acne, and trophic skin lesions. The procedure is painless, and clients may feel a slight tickling sensation followed by a relaxing effect.

Fish therapy is completely safe. The fish cannot contract or transmit human diseases. Before being released into the aquarium, all fish must undergo special quarantine and veterinary examinations. After each procedure, the water undergoes mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration to eliminate the preservation of bacteria and other microorganisms in the aquarium. Then, the entire water is treated with UV sterilizers, which immediately destroy all pathogenic microorganisms while disinfecting the water, preserving its natural properties.

The fish therapy offered by Dr Fish is a very unique spa procedure suitable for both adults and children. The result is fresh, clean, silky skin, and an excellent sense of well-being.