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DrFish LLC offers aquarium complexes for fish SPA with “Hands, Feet, Hands/Feet” installation.

Aquarium: What to choose, acrylic or glass?

Acrylic – PLEXIGLAS®. Transparent plastic. Acrylic can easily be shaped. With the help of our experts, you can create a new design in your salon. The disadvantages of acrylic are high costs, as well as the loss of the appearance of the aquarium. With constant cleaning of the walls, the acrylic becomes opaque.

Glass – a glass aquarium provides a guarantee of quality for your salon. Due to the environmental conditions, the glass remains transparent throughout the entire life of the aquarium. If necessary, the glass can be erased. The disadvantages of glass consist of its fragility. To prevent the glass from breaking unintentionally, an additional protective film layer is required.

Documents confirming the aquarium complex:
• Description of the contract, acceptance-transfer act
• Veterinary certificate of the fish’s health condition
• Copies of the quality certificate
• Aquarium complex instructions
• Maintenance instructions
• Fish feeding instructions
• Instructions for replacing water in the aquarium
• Rules for receiving the procedure

Renting an aquarium complex
DrFish LLC offers the possibility of renting aquarium complexes. The minimum rental period is 6 months.

Technical complex equipment

Fish quantity250 – 400 pcs300 – 600 pcs800 pcs +
Workplace2 – 4 m22 – 4 m26 m2 +
Aquarium dimensions100 – 150 l150 – 300 l900 l +
Installation deadlines2 – 3 weeks2 – 3 weeks3 – 4 weeks

Production deadlines, installation, and price – individual negotiations

Rectangular aquariumQuantity
V=100-150l – hands, V=150-300l – legs, V=900- body1 pcs
Filtration system1 pcs
Technical equipmentQuantity
1. Filter with filling1 pcs
2. External heater1 pcs
3. UV sterilizer1 pcs
4. Air pump with air stone1 pcs
5. Light fixture1 pcs
6. Thermometer1 pcs
7. Complete set for aquarium care1 set
8. 1 month300 mg
9. Air compressor as an independent power source.1 set
Garra Rufa FishQuantity
 1. Garra Rufa Fish~250 – 500 pcs
 2. Bioloogilised täiendused akvaariumi jaoks1 komplekt
 3. Bioloogilised lisandid kala kohandamiseks1 komplekt

The warranty is valid under the conditions mentioned below:
• Use of “DrFish” equipment
• Compliance with all requirements
• Installation of the “DrFish” complex and special devices by “DrFish” specialists
• Placing fish in the aquarium with the help of “DrFish” specialists.

Fish SPA complex maintenance

Aquarium maintenance is performed 8-12 times a month and includes:
• Aquarium cleaning: primer, glass treatment, filtration systems, connected hoses
• Replacing water
• Monitoring water quality
• Fish care
• Adding microelements to water
• Adding vitamins to water
• Replacing worn filters
• Recommendations for feeding fish
• Monitoring equipment condition
• Recommendations for fish maintenance.

*Fish food and reagents for water preparation and testing are included in the price.

Garra Rufa fish for sale

Fish are delivered in a special thermo box that protects them from freezing. Medical oxygen and air mixtures are added to the packages, which are sufficient for the fish for up to two days. Garra Rufa fish and aquarium complex transportation are available throughout Estonia. Garra Rufa fish, obtained by the “DrFish” company, are raised in conditions close to the natural habitat of the fish. All fish undergo mandatory adaptation to new conditions. Special biological additives are used for adaptation and further maintenance. All fish supplied by “DrFish” have an official veterinary certificate from the state veterinary service, allowing them to be used in SPA procedures.

Garra Rufa fish prices:
The minimum order is 100 fish
3-4 cm in size, € 4.0
4-5 cm in size, € 4.5
6-7 cm in size, € 5.0
Prices do not include VAT. Delivery to Tallinn is free!

Garra Rufa fish warranty

The “DrFish” company offers a warranty period for Garra Rufa fish. In case of the fish’s death, as a customer, the fish will be replaced. The replacement will only take place if all the requirements of “DrFish” specialists are met.
The fish warranty is valid for 14 days.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:
• Use of other fish food not approved by “DrFish” specialists;
• Improper use of aquarium equipment;
• Aquarium power failure for more than 3 hours;
• Independent use of hydrobionts in the aquarium;
• Maintenance of the aqua complex performed not by a “DrFish” specialist.

The average lifespan of the fish under proper care is 4 years.

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